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Green City Edge

corten steel edge

Green City Edge Components:

Kantstål corten

Article number: 70201
Length 1200 mm, Height 150 mm.

rostig stålkant

Outer corner
Article number: 70202
Outer corner 90 degrees. 250x250 mm. h 150 mm.

rostig stålkant

Inner corner
Article number: 70203
Inner corner 90 degrees. 250x250 mm. h 150 mm.

kant cortenstål

Article number: 70204
To be used at every connection edge-edge or edge-corner. All screws and bolts included.

spik cortenstål

Article number: 70205
To be installed at c-c approx. 500 mm in edges and corners.


material corten

Corten steel
Rust red corten steel
Extremely durable material with a rust red finish.

Tough corten edges

The double bent upper edge and the precision in the different parts makes Green City Edge a very stable and tough system. This is a steel lining system where a straight edge remains straight and a 90 degree corner is 90 degrees, nothing else. This is not a weak and sharp corten edge that you bend over your knee! If you need a curved element, we can of course produce it especially for your project. The double bent upper edge makes the Green City Edge a much safer system with no sharp upper edges.

Safe, stable and straight:

  • No dangerous, sharp edges
  • Maximal stability
  • Straight remains straight!
  • Easy to install
  • Made in Sweden with Swedish Steel!


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