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Green City Wall

Plantwall by Green City AB

1. Build fast and easy with pre-planted modules

Växtvägg byggs av Hässelby Blommor och Green City AB

The plant modules are always delivered pre-planted. The modules are easily installed and the plant wall has a dense plant coverage from day one! (Magnus Lindberg from Hässelby Blommor and Johan Thiberg from Green City AB)

2. Stable and safe

Green City Wall princip

No foundation required to the wall of the house: The system is self-supporting with a steel reservoir at the bottom and an integrated steel frame. This means that the green wall does not need any fixations to a wall of the building.
No connection to the tap water or sewer required: The plant wall is based on a recirculating hydroponic system

3. Combine a plant wall of any size

Green City Wall dimensioner

Green City Wall is flexible and can be combined into a green wall of any with or height.

Green City Wall

Green City Wall is a hydroponic plantwall system based on pre-planted modules. The green wall system is developed in cooperation with the company Hässelby Blommor. The pre-grown plant modules are 500 x 300 mm and the installation is fast, safe and easy. The plant modules can be combined into a green wall of any size.

Hässelby Blommor is offering the green wall installation including a maintenance program!


Product sheet Green City Wall

Benefits with the system:

  • Fast and safe installation with pre-planted modules
  • A minimum of organic content gives a very durable system
  • Does not require a connection to the tap water system or the water outlet of the building
  • Low maintenance

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