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Harviala Oy Viherpäivät 2019

Green City Planter Karosta on exhibition in Finland

The corten planter Green City Planter Karosta was shown at the fair Viherpäivät 2019 by Green Citys Finnish partner Envire (Harviala OY)

Greenest of the Green Scandinavian Green Roof Award

Scandinavian Green Roof Award to Greenest of the Green

Green City delivered more than 100 st tailor made planters to the Finnish project Greenest of the Green. The project has now been awarded Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2018

The planters were installed by our Finnish partner Envire (Harviala OY)

Torgny Henriksson Sepu AB

Tailor made Green City Planter Corten to NIBE AB

Green City has delivered tailor made corten planters to Torgny Henriksson at Sepu AB and their green terrace project at NIBE AB in Markaryd. Torgny has a long experience of green roof systems and is responsible for the Zinco green roof system in Sweden. Installation by Växtia AB. The planters has an angeled bottom aligned with the roof slope so that the upper edge of the planters is horisontal! The planters will soon get their typical red corten colour.

Raingarden Uponor

Taylormade Green City Plant Beds

Green City Plant Beds in corten steel on their way to a roof terrace. Also some corten slices that will be a D5000 circular plant bed for a tree

Raingarden Uponor

Green City learning about the Uponor raingarden

Uponor has designed a new prefabricated and compact raingarden. Green City and Uponor exchanged some open stormwater experiences – from Western Harbour in Malmö year 2000 to Norra Djurgårdsstaden in Stockholm today.

Learn more about the Uponor raingarden ›

Green City Planter Corten

Premiere for the new Green City Planter Karosta!

The new rough corten planter 'Karosta' was shown for the first time at the biggest landscape fair in Finland Viherpäivät 2018. The Karosta planter was shown in cooperation with the Green City Finnish partner Envire (Harviala OY).

More about the Green City Planter Karosta ›

Green City Planter

Green City Planter to the greenest house in Scandinavia

More than 100 Green City Planters are now installed at one of the most green housing projects in Scandinavia!

See some more photos from the fascinating project at the news site Uutisklubi:
Uutisklubi article 1 ›
Uutisklubi article 2 ›

Check out the illustrations at the architects webpage: Talli ›

planters Svenska Institutet Paris Cafe Suedois

Swedish Institute in Paris choose Green City

Swedish Institute in Paris choose Green City Planter for their garden renovation. A specially designed Green City Planter Pergola was designed to hide the recycling station (photo left) and four other Green City Planters were designed for climbing plants.

The Green City Planters for the Swedish Institute was designed in cooperation with TAF Arkitektkontor

urban agriculture

Envire (Harviala OY) reseller for Green City AB in Finland

Envire (Harviala OY) is the new reseller for Green City AB in the Finnish market. Envire VRJ Group has a very long experience from outdoor urban projects in Finland

planter production

urban agriculture

Big order to Urban Agriculture in Finland

Helsingfors takes the lead in Urban Agriculture in Scandinavia. Green City AB will deliver more than 100 big balcony planters to an urban agriculture project in Helsinki, Finland.

left.: Sebastian does an inspection of the welding of the planters

left belov.: Planters for Urban Agriculture shall of course be green!


Interview in the Skanska magazine Flervärden

Green City AB is giving an interview about the future roof gardens in Stockholm.

Read the article in Skanska Magazine Flervärden (page 34) ›

Planter for Hedera Screens

Ny Product - Green City Planter

Green City AB introduces a new product line: Green City Planter

Green City Planter are high quality planters in different sizes for the urban green environment

Interview with Johan Thiberg, Green City AB about roof gardens

Snapshot from Fastighetstidningen ›


Interview in Fastighetstidningen

I make a brief trend analysis about how roof gadens will become more attractive than sedum roofs in many near future projects

Have a look at the article at Fastighetstidningen ›

And please have a look at some nice illustrations from the most innovative roof garden in Sweden at the Diligentia project Sveavägen 44, designed by landscape architect Johan Paju.

Green City AB tankesmedja Naturvårdsverket och IVL

Think tank

Green City AB gives a presentation and takes part in a THINK TANK at Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL)

The report can be found here

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