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Green City Roof

Green Roof, Roof garden

Plantbeds and urban farming:

Plant bed design

Green City Plant Bed
Plantbeds with individual design for your project. Made in galvanized steel or corten steel.
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Urban Farm

Green City Urban Farm
Plantbeds for urban farming. Made in galvanized steel or corten steel.
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Sedum roof accessories:

edge for sedum roof

Green City Roof Edge
Article number: 30201
Edge for green roof / sedum roof. Stainless steel. l=2000mm h=50mm

Product data

Rostfri perforerad fotplåt till sedumtak

Green City Drip Edge
Artikelnummer: 30203
Drip edge for green roofs.
Stainless steel. l=1250mm

Product data

Plant bed accessories:

plant bed soil

Article number: 21003
Light weight soil with pumice stone type C. Delivered in big bags 1,25 m3 or sacks 20 l loaded on pallet.

drip irrigation plant bed

Article number: 21005
Drip irrigation system that can be designed for any type of plant bed.

plant bed drainage

Article number: 21001
Drainage layer giving a safe and stable drainage of your green roof.

water reservoir panel mineral wool

Water reservoir panel
Article number: 21009
A mineral wool water reservoir panel can enhance the water buffer
Thickness: 40 mm
Water holding capacity: ca 34 l/m2

plant bed insulation

Article number: 21002
Protects the plant bed from rapid temperature changes.

plant design green roof

Plant design
Green City can help you with the green roof plant design. Boost the biodiversity of your sedum roof or create a restaurant for the butterflies.


Green City delivers high quality accessories to your green roof or roof garden. Green City has a long experience from green roof design: from the first sedum roof in 1999 to the modern green roofs of today.

What we do:

  • Plant beds designed specifically for your project
  • All acessories to your green roof plant bed
  • Project specific steel work such as edges and espaliers
  • Steel edges for sedum roofs
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